At our foundation is the guiding principle that less is more; less consumption, more consideration, less waste, more repair. We are committed to creating products that last a lifetime and leave a light footprint. 

At USISI·SISTER we believe in the importance of addressing climate change and acknowledging the direct impact the fashion industry has on the environment. As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to do everything we can to minimize the environmental and social impact of waste, pollution and worker exploitation. 

Here is how:

• Provenance of Materials: We endeavour to make trendless, versatile garments and accessories that will stand the test of time. We use only natural fibres we do not use any poly fabrics within our collections in order to reduce micro plastics polluting in the environment. Our tannery is gold rated by Leather Working Group, whose mission is the  improvement of environmental priorities in the leather manufacturing industry. We have introduced the use of Cupro, a regenerated cellulose fibre made from recycled cotton linter, into our collection along with sustainably sourced viscose. 

• Clean Factories: We only work with factories that meet the highest sustainability and ethical standard for workers. Each employ smart technology in order to reduce potential waste. Our factories are also on track to becoming plastic-free by using cornstarch plastic poly bags which are 100% biodegradable.  

• Carbon Footprint: We ship in large batch shipments in order to reduce our carbon footprint. As members of Offset Earth, an organization that funds carbon-reducing projects across the world, our business in now carbon-neutral /negative. 

We also offset a percentage of monthly sales from our e-commerce website to The Eden Reforestation Project which plants millions of trees around the world each month. Each month we plant 12 trees, we know each of their locations and species.

• Packaging: We use strictly biodegradable packing for our wholesale and e-commerce orders, reusing packaging wherever possible. We also use DPD; a carbon neutral company to ship all of our domestic e-commerce products. 

• Social Responsibility: We only work with factories who meet our standards on employment rights, ensuring that our workers are paid properly, given adequate health and safety protection, and experience no discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Each of our factories complete transparency questionnaires disclosing details of the inner workings from salaries to benefits to be sure that we have employed ethically minded suppliers. We know the people who make our collections. This is essential and integral to the USISI·SISTER ethos